Thursday, June 26, 2014

5 Rules Of Consignment Shopping

I am big fan of shopping consignment/thrift stores sometimes I would spend a day shopping through different consignment stores. So while I am shopping I always remember my 5 Golden Rules of Consignment shopping.

1. Be Patient ( Being patient and taking your time is imperative you have to look through a tons of Clothes,Shoes and Accessories. You also have to check for blemishes on the product you choose and think about  the product being repairable or not. You also want to check for size because some of the clothes are older and made from other countries and may not fit you. So thats why you have to be patient).

2. Don't Go Crazy (Yes just like it states Don't go Crazy we tend to look at prices instead of looking at what we need and want and in our wardrobe. Honestly if you see a fur jacket for a good price and you live somewhere you dont need it dont risk your closet space. Be smart and think about what your buying and dont invest in something your not going to have a chance to wear at all. In conclusion just pick what you need and can wear).

3. Ask Questions ( This is mostly pertaining to online consignment stores but I ask question for both. If your shopping a consignment boutique please and always ask about their return policy just in case you decide to change your mind. Think about it you never want to be stuck with something you dont want. Also, you have to ask about consignment luxury products like designer stuff ask about the authenticity also ask if it came from an estate sale or was donated that plays a major factor on your decision making. Last but not least ask about blemishes on certain products and can it be removed).

4.Read Reviews ( Yes read reviews pull out your phone and Google the reviews of the store your shopping at because you want to go into a store with the best services and the best products).

5. Have Fun!!!!

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