Thursday, November 3, 2016

Beauty Faves X Clinique

Lately I have been feeling the urge to revamp my beauty routine. Honestly now that I am getting older and dealing with more skin issues I wanted to find an easy route to my skin care regimen without hurting my pockets and hurting my skin. So I asked around got lots of feedbacks about different products different and decided it would be all about Clinique. Growing up I remember my Mom using Clinique skin care and Estee Lauder Makeup. My Mother had great skin and her makeup was always flawlessly done. So I thought to myself why not try Clinique and with that I instantly fell in love with their product and their service. Here are some of my Clinique Faves that I use pretty much daily. 

 1. Clinique 3 step Program $70 Clinique Sonic System $89.90 2. Clinique Silk Superbalanced Spf 15 $25.00 3.Clinique Pore Refining Solution Mask $29.00 4.Clinique Air Brush Concealer Stick $21.00 5.Clinique Blended Loose Face Powder $25.00 6. Sonic System Foundation Interchangeable Head $27.00



Wow it's almost been a full blown year since I posted a blog post. Honestly the cause of my 11 month hiatus is not dedicating the time and energy for blogging. I recently made a career move that granted me some time and and also time for a creative mind like myself to just you know BLOG.